Welcome to the Pearse Lab

We use species evolutionary history to better understand and predict their present-day ecology. Our lab develops new statistical and computational tools to answer fundamental questions about the origins and future of biodiversity.

Our fieldsites employ a novel fractal sampling design to leverage species’ responses to existing environmental gradients to predict future responses to change. We work with a number of conservation programs, such as the EDGE of Existence Program, to help safeguard natural ecosystems and the valuable services they provide for humanity.

We are always looking for new undergraduates, MSc, and PhD students looking to join the lab, or potential post-docs interested in applying for funding. Have a look around this website and, if you’re interested, please send Will an email

We are grateful for funding from Utah State University (and in particular the Ecology Center and Department of Biology), the National Science Foundation, the USDA Forest Service (and in particular the PIBO program), and iDIV/sDIV. For more information, please see our funding page.


September 2019

After almost 5 days of solid bee-catching spread over the field season, Michael is back from RMBL. Michael is exhausted, the bees are likely relieved :p

August 2019

The Pearse Lab (Amanda, Austin, Elizabeth, Jake, and Katie) went to the Ecological Society of America meeting to present!

July 2019

Katie's manuscript on using phylogenetic diversity metrics to efficiently do real-world conservation prioritization is submitted! Read the pre-print

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